Share Your Praise Report


Your praise report glorifies the names of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and our Father God. Praise Reports are a tool for the Kingdom of God to bless and encourage all who read them.

Do you have a Praise Report that you would like to share with us about how Jesus, The Master, has touched your life? How has He blessed you or answered your prayer needs through The Holy Communion, Intercessory Prayer, another individual, or in some unexpected way?

Praise Reports glorify the name of Jesus and often help to build faith in others. We would love to hear about your answered prayers and praise reports of what our Lord has done and is doing in your life so we may rejoice with you.

Please use this form to share with us as simple as possible.

Thank you for being a blessing to others by sharing your praise report with us!

(Note: By sending us your Praise Report, you are giving us permission to publish it on this website.)

Be aware that all attributes of The Most High God are capitalized out of love, respect, and reverence for The Trinity. Also, be aware that the name satan, related names, and attributes are not capitalized. I choose not to acknowledge or exemplify him even to the point of going against grammatical rules.

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