Praise Reports



     When I started giving to The Master's Touch Ministries, I did so with the intent of blessing the Ministry and to do my small part to help it meet what God had called it to do, Minister. I did not give to get or to plant “seed money,” or to expect any return; I simply wanted to bless. However, within weeks of starting, I was given a large amount of cash from an anonymous source. I will never know who, but it was given to me by a person who wanted to bless me. This person knew nothing about my giving to Master’s Touch, is from out of state, and has never met me. Our Father will not be out given! He blesses in many different ways, not just money. Father loves a cheerful giver and will bless our desire to give. Don't hold back when He prompts you to give.                                                                                                                               Troy W. Robinson

      I have known Rev. Jewell for many years and watched her in ministry to the poor, broken, and needy. I know you will be blessed by her teachings as she leads you to The Source of Life, Jesus, Who can solve all your life's problems.                                                                            Sherry Chance

     Thank you. Two little words which seem so inadequate to express my gratitude for all you did to assist Barbara and me during her illness, and especially during the very difficult last days.

     You probably don’t even realize the effect you had on me, Barbara, and our family. Your kind and gentle touch was noticed, and most certainly did not go unappreciated. You stepped in and did that which may cause others to pause.

     You were always so attentive to Barbara and her needs. Whether it was medication dispensing, water “fetching,” muscle massages, or simply reading to her from the Bible or other inspirations, you never failed! You quickly came to our aid, “preferring” Barbara over your own needs. It takes a very special person to be so self-sacrificing.

     Just having you available to sit with Barbara while I ran errands was such a God send. I could leave the house, knowing Barbara was in excellent hands and all would be taken care of during my absence. You filled a much-needed position and allowed me precious moments of rest so that I could be refreshed to be there for Barbara.

     I know you extended yourself in the many ways you assisted us during this time. Thank you for the countless ways in which you touched Barbara’s life and the lives of myself and my family. We are forever in your debt.                                                                                                              Herman Pierce

     Father God, I praise you, thank you, and I am grateful that you are our God of Miracles, and for always being victorious! I thank you, for healing me, and doing what the doctors said couldn’t be done. I thank you and am grateful for continuing to touch the man you sent me to love each other, whom when I look at him, I see God and Christ in human form, and to make him a walking testimony of your healing miracles. I thank you, Jesus, for being our salvation, and for never changing. What you did in the Bible, you continue to do today. I know you did it for me, and I thank you for manifesting your Miracles, blessings, and love in the mind, body, and souls of myself, and my loved one, making us shining examples of GOD's children here on Earth. Thank you, Father, for all your blessings and all of the ones on their way to us. We are excited to turn our lessons into blessings and thank you that our lives are a reflection of your love for us. Jesus, we give you our hearts and souls. You are our Lord, our Savior, and our King. Thank you for resurrecting your love in us. In Jesus Name Amen. Thank you.                                                   Stacey                                                

     Pastor Jewell has been an amazing source of wisdom, wise counsel, encouragement, and love in my life. Had it not been for her, my son may not have to life he has now. When he was in prison, she was the one who brought him " food for his soul," she brought the "Word of Life" to him. I will forever be eternally grateful to her for her strength, guidance, and love.                           Sandy B    

I have known Rev. Jewell for many years and watched her in ministry to the poor, broken, and needy. I know you will be blessed by her teachings as she leads you to the Source of Life, Jesus, Who can solve all your life’s problems.                                                                                                                                       Rita F


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