About Us


The Master's Touch Ministries has been able to share God's Love and His life-changing message of the Grace through Jesus Christ with one person at a time, congregations, and the world through the writings, teachings, and calling that The Holy Spirit has given to Jewell through the support of our friends and partners. Besides preaching and sharing God's Love in congregations and conferences, she also mentors young ministries. Reaching out to the incarcerated and their families, those who have been battered and abused, unwed mothers, the homeless, widows, troubled youth, and she often comes alongside hospice to offer comfort and support both to the one passing on and to their families. She believes there is none too rich, none too poor, none too sick, and none too hopeless for our Lord, Jesus Christ, to touch. The Master's Touch Ministries is all about exalting Jesus Christ. Outreaches include an international website, live conferences, missions, and outreaches to inmates, widows and widowers, unwed mothers, youth, and partners with inner-city outreaches that minister to the homeless. Wherever there are hurting people, The Master's Touch Ministries is willing to go.

Be aware that all attributes of The Most High God are capitalized out of love, respect, and reverence for The Trinity. Also, be aware that the name satan, related names, and attributes are not capitalized. I choose not to acknowledge or exemplify him even to the point of going against grammatical rules.

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