10 Reasons Why We Should Give Thanks

I believe we are living in the last days. The news is full of reports of deadly viruses around the world, terrorist attacks, countries facing bankruptcy, etc. and the world is afraid. As God's children, we are a BLESSED people. Yet, among the numerous Christians, I talk with, many are full of complaints and discouragement. They are looking for something they know is missing in their walk with The Lord.

As a child of God, you have God's Word that teaches you how to reign in this life regardless of the circumstances going on around you. God tells you, "In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18) Giving thanks is not a suggestion. It is, "the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." This is a Commandment because He knows that Giving Thanks will affect every area of your life.

"10 Reasons We Should Give Thanks" will help you understand the importance of Giving Thanks to God, The Father. It will encourage, strengthen, and clarify to you the importance of giving thanks during the hard-hitting and challenging times of your life.

Sadly, a number of Christians look to God for His Blessings, yet when they receive those Blessings; they just go on their merry way. Their hearts are captivated by God's Blessings instead of being captivated by God, The One Who Blessed them.

Then, there are those Christians who have a grateful heart and are always thanking and praising God. You may hear them say, "God Is Good!" or "Praise The Lord!" They know that God is the reason for Every Blessing in their lives. When your heart is thankful, you position yourself to receive even Greater Blessings from God!

10 Reasons Why We Should Give Thanks include: 

  • Giving Thanks Makes You Realize You Are Never Alone
  • Giving Thanks Motivates You To See Father's Purpose
  • Giving Thanks Brings Submission To Father's Will
  • Giving Thanks Reminds You Of Your Continuing Dependence On Father
  • Giving Thanks Helps You Develop A Stronger Trust In Father
  • Giving Thanks Focuses Your Attention On Father, God 
  • Giving Thanks Transforms Anxiety Into Peace
  • Giving Thanks Makes You Able To Rejoice And Experience True Joy
  • Giving Thanks Impacts Your Christian Witness 
  • Giving Thanks Builds Relationship With Father And Brings Unity Through The Mind Of Christ

Be aware that all attributes of The Most High God are capitalized out of love, respect, and reverence for The Trinity. Also, be aware that the name satan, related names, and attributes are not capitalized. I choose not to acknowledge or exemplify him even to the point of going against grammatical rules.

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